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DOs and DON'Ts of Buying a Home

Here’s a guest blog entry By Michelle Hille @

Buying a home is a huge process that could take a lot of time. Just building up to the point that you believe that you are ready for a house is a big step in life. Obviously there are plenty of things that you must do before you can buy a home, but first we need to explain the don’ts of home buying.

  • Don’t hold information from your advisor whether meeting with your real estate lawyer or your agent. They are there to help you and the more complete the information you give them, the better they can do their job.
  • Don’t change your financial situation. That means when you are in the process of applying for a mortgage do not make any major purchases on credit like a new car! Even new appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine, or computer can trigger more scrutiny by the bank.
  • Don’t change careers right before you buy a home. The bank wants to see that you have a stable income by looking at statements for the past two years. The only people who would be able to get away with changing careers are people who are moving to a higher paying position in the same field with a very stable income that is not dependent on bonuses and commission. The mortgage underwriter could very easily deny your loan if they believe your income is not stable enough.
  • Don’t get emotional and buy the wrong house. This is the worst thing that could happen to you. Be very logical about your needs and wants in your home and don’t buy a home off a purely emotional reason.

These are a few things that you need to make sure you don’t do when it’s your time to buy a home. But all these DON’Ts are fairly simple to follow and by following these guidelines you are sure to have an easier time of buying and enjoying your new home.

2012.05.17  8:03pm  

Carpenter Avenue Elementary is now Carpenter Charter

That’s right, Carpenter Avenue is now Carpenter Charter.  Colfax Elementary switched to a charter school years ago and it has worked out nicely for them.  There are many reasons to become a Charter school.  Most of them have to do with the control of the money.  Funds given to a school by LAUSD are very restrictive and can only be spent in certain places.  A very interesting article explaining more can be found HERE.

Ultimately the decision for a school to become a Charter School is with the parents as it takes a great deal of commitment and effort.

2010.11.12  11:52pm  

Colfax is having their World Fair this weekend!

2010.06.04  1:10pm  

What’s the difference between a Pre-Qual & Pre-Approval for a loan?

When you’re serious about buying a home, it is very important to get Pre-Approved for a loan. In the past a pre-qualification was fine, but with the current challenge of getting loans, it is…

2009.11.18  2:03am  

You Can Eat Healthy and Help Your Local Farmer

You’ve heard it all your life:  “eat your veggies.”  Well I’ve started to eat my veggies and help local farmers at the same time.  Whether you live somewhere near me (Studio City) or in another…

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The official school boundary map from LAUSD.  Boundaries are subject to change.  Please confirm with school.  LAUSD has a wonderful school finder page.

The official school boundary map from LAUSD. Boundaries are subject to change. Please confirm with school. LAUSD has a wonderful school finder page.

2009.09.05  5:45pm  

7 Easy Ways to Help Your Local School

Can you believe the summer break is over? Me neither! But it is, and with the end of summer there will be new challenges when heading back to school. A rise in Foreclosures and a decline in…

2009.09.04  4:04pm  

Real Estate in the Colfax Charter Elementary School District

House IconClick here for homes in the Colfax Elementary School Boundaries. Note: Subject to verification by LAUSD.

2009.09.04  8:56am  

I can almost guarantee that you haven’t heard about this before!

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